Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Talk Like a Pirate Day was this week so I thought I would make the occasion with a nautical comic book today.

Pulp writer and prolific men's paperback adventure novel author Manning Lee Stokes (writing as Thorne Stevenson) starts us off with "Murder Goes Native!" -- an adventure of South Sea Girl.  South Sea Girl is Alani, the warrior ruler of the Vanishing Isles, a girl who takes no guff and seems never to be without Cheeta, her leopard.  When a movie company films an adventure on Alani's turf, the imperial star of the film becomes jealous of Alani and tries to murder her.  Bad idea.

Stokes also wrote the closing story in this issue:  a Harbor Patrol Adventure, signed only as "Manning."  When a gang of thieves steal uranium from a government lab, they head to the docks where they rendezvous with Cindy Ford, a ruthless female with her own submarine.  The Harbor Patrol is understaffed, leaving only Steve and Squeaky to bring the neer-do-wells to justice.  Easier said than done after the two patrolmen are captured and held prisoner in the sub.

The other major story (and it's a very minor story) in this issue features The Ol' Skipper, a retired sea captain living in the restored wreck of a ship.  A developer is about to evict him when Skipper tells a story about a sea rescue that brought him his home.

There's the usual one and two-page fillers, all nautical related, and a five-page story that covers the career of Joshua Slocum, as well as a four page tall tale written by the aptly named "Watt A. Lyre."

Most of the ads are aimed at boys/men who want to be admired by girls/women.  For only 98 cents you could receive the handy book How to Get Along with Girls.  Then, for $1.98, you can get Master Key to Hypnotism  and apply those skills to women.  Now that you know how to get girls and how to hypnotize them, you're ready (for another 98 cents) The Date-Getter, which allows to score the girls you go out with and includes such things as Date Score Sheets, a Rating Form for Gals, a Date Analyzer, an Automatic Date Selector, and Alibis and Repartee -- and, if you value your life, none of which should be used today.  Each of these three books come in a plain wrapper.

Ignore the ads and dip your toes into this issue of Seven Seas Comics.


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