Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, August 31, 2017


When we were living in Southern Maryland, we made of a point of attending the World Folk Music Association's annual concerts, many of which were organized to pay tribute to various performers such as Odetta, Tommy Makem, Tom Paxton, and Tom Rowe.   We are too far away to attend the one scheduled for this October 29 -- "Remembering Oscar Brand" -- which will feature Christine Lavin, The Limelighters, Josh White, Jr., Carolyn Hester, David Buskin, and many others.  If you happen to be in the DC area you should try to catch this wonderful show.

Oscar Brand (1920-2016) had a career that spanned more than seven decades.  He released almost 100 albums and wrote over 300 songs.  His weekly radio show, Oscar Brand's Folksong Festival, began in 1945 and ran for more than 70 years, making it the longest running radio show with a continuous host.  He performed with Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Josh White, The Weavers, Jean Ritchie, and Pete Seeger, among many others.  Brand was one of the organizers of the Newport Folk Festival and was on the board of the Children's Television Network (an unsubstantiated rumor has it that the character of Oscar the Grouch was named for Brand).  He also was an author, penning books on folk music, various short stories and collaborating on at least three musicals.

Many of Brand's albums honored the various military services.  Many others recorded bawdy songs for prosperity.  So be warned, some of the songs may be NSFW.

Glory Flying Regulations

The Shucking of the Corn

Subdivision Nine

For Jefferson and Liberty

(Here's one my late mother-in-law used to sing, the first line only.  Just as well because it has been said that every song she tried to sin sounded like "The Donkey Serenade")
Charlotte the Harlot

And the Erie was Rising

I Learned About Flying

(Here's one that I find myself humming at the most inappropriate times)
The Bastard King of England

Ballad of Anzio

The Ocean Waves May Roll

The Old Soldiers of the King

The Duchess and the Student

Grant, Grant, Grant

When I First Come to This Land

I Used to Work in Chicago

The Flying Fortress

We Ain't Going to Sea No More

Dinky Die

Jenny Jenkins (with Jean Ritchie0

Ten Little Fishermen

The Chandler's Wife


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