Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Sing along!

"Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, easy lopin', cattle ropin' Sugarfoot,
Carefree as the tumbleweeds, ajoggin' along with a heart full of song
And a rifle and a volume of the law.

"Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, never underestimate a Sugarfoot,
Once you got his dander up, ain't no one who's quicker on the draw.

"You'll find him on the side of law and order,
From the Mexicali border, to the rolling hills of Arkansaw

"Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, easy lopin' cattle ropin' Sugarfoot,
Ridin' down to cattle town, a-joggin' along with a heart full of song
A rifle and a volume of the law."

Tom Brewster, a.k.a. Sugarfoot, rides along "The Stallion Trail" and enters a "Law Trap."



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