Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, August 25, 2017


Oops, I did it again!  I had planned for a Forgotten Books post for today, but fate intervened.  You see, I was reading my choice for this week while waiting to give the Kangaroo a ride home.  I had planned to finish the book last night and write up my post this morning but, when I went to buckle the Kangaroo into his car seat, I placed the book on the roof of the car while I bent done to do some serious buckling.  Then I hopped behind the wheel and drove the six miles to his house, forgetting about the book.  **sigh**  I'll see if I can pick up another copy of the book (No, I won't say what it is; I prefer you to let your imagine run amok, but I will say it was a good 'un).  

So that's my excuse, my story, my alibi, my explanation.  Sorry.  #senilitysucks  #atleastIdidn'tbucklethebookintothecarseatandleavethechildontheroof

All is not lost, however.  Rather than have you go away disappointed, here's the comic book adaptation of George Pal's film adaptation of Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie's classic SF disaster novel When Worlds Collide.


  1. I've done that at least once, perhaps twice over the decades. Then, during the time I was deeply insomniac during junior year of high school, I walked away from a pay phone leaving the state library's copy of Asimov's IN JOY STILL FELT lying on top of the phone. Somebody presumably turned it in, as I wasn't ever charged for it.

  2. Oooooh, I've never seen the comic book, Jerry. THANKS for the link! I love the movie - one of my faves. Hey, we all leave stuff on top of cars. I'll bet half the stuff littering the highways and byways are things fallen from the top of cars. There's lots of forgetful souls out there. HA!

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