Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Every year I promise to get my taxes done early.   Every year I put it off and off and off.  Procrastination, thy name is Jerry!  Guess when I end up doing my taxes every year?

So after this morning's rasslin' match with Form 1040 -- please note I did them this morning rather than this evening, so maybe I'm getting better -- anyway, I was in the mood for some comedy and  one of my go-to people for comedy is Buster Keaton.

The Cameraman was Keaton's first film under contract for MGM.  Co-starring with Keaton is the lovely Marceline Day.  Buster Keaton's brother and sister can be seen as uncredited extras in the swimming pool.

Enjoy, but only after you've done your taxes.

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