Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Featuring two stories about brave Indians.  In the first, Swift Arrow works to keep a treaty with the white man and, in the second, Lone Eagle battles a traitor.  Also included is a western mystery and a modern western in which the ghost of a sheriff works for justice.  Also included in this 36-page comic are ten pages of ads, including (Evan Lewis, take note) one for 100 TOY SOLDIERS ( a base canard because only 50 are military personnel; the remaining 50 are planes, tanks, jeeps, ships, and cannons -- and somebody should have told the Modern Toy company that sailors, Waves, and Wacs are not considered soldiers).

And, in another ad, Yogi Berra shills for Cloverine Brand Salve, promising kids great prizes for selling the stuff.  I wonder if anyone actually sold enough salve to win the real live pony?

I read a lot of comics as a kid (never this one), but the things I remember most are all those neat ads aimed at gullible kids.  No ads for those neat X-ray glasses in this issue, though.


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