Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, April 26, 2014


From May 1953 comes a comic book promising explosive action!

First we meet Ed Wells, "Government Courier," whose hair dark hair turned snow white following his most dangerous assignment.

Then, Neal Raymond and Tom Carmichael are two feuding steeplejacks until one's life is in danger in "Blackout."

In our third story John Nichols, customs agent, wages a battle against the purveyors of "Morphine."

There follows a one-page text story in which famed otologic surgeon Dr. Nestor performs the Lempert fenestration under very explosive conditions.

The final tale, "Revenge!," tells another story of workplace feuds -- this time among lumberjacks.

It's an interesting mix of stories with the last three drawn by Pete Morisi.  The first story was drawn by Don Heck, whose villains seemed to talk with lop-sided mouths.  Heck also drew the cover which shows two thrilling scenes completely unrelated to the comic book's content.

Along the way, there are some neat advertisements.  One leads the reader to God, another can get you a real Dutch garden, while a third will help the kiddies to quit smoking.


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