Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 7, 2014


  •  Dan Abnett, The Horus HeresyHorus Rising and The Horus Heresy:  Legion.  Gaming (Warhammer 40,000) tie-in novels.
  • Aaron Allston, Doc Sidhe.  Pulp hero fantasy.
  • Richard Awlinson - Waterdeep.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel; Book Three of the Avatar Trilogy.
  • John Barnes, In the Hall of the Martian King.  SF novel featuring 36th century secret agent Jak Jinnaka. 
  • Linda Barnes, Heart of the World. A Carlotta Carlyle mystery.  I haven't read a Carlotta Carlyle book in several years; maybe it's time to get back.
  • Neal Barrett Jr. - Stress Pattern.  SF.  Barrett will be missed.
  • Michael Brian Bendis - Sam and Twitch, Book One:  Udaku.  Graphic novel.  Pencils by Angel Medina.
  • Lillian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who Talked Turkey.  Jim Qwilleran and his cats Koko and YumYum take on another mystery.  I have always found this series to be a little too twee and best taken in small doses.  This is an uncorrected proof.
  • Martin Caidin, The Ragged Rugged Warriors.  The story of the early air war with Japan.
  • John Clark, Nobody's Angel.  Mystery from Hard Case Crime.  Used Hard Case books are pretty rare in my area.  I guess a lot of people like to hold onto them, not that I blame them.
  • David Cook, Soldiers of Ice.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel in the Harpers series.
  • Peter Crowther, editor, Mars Probes.  SF anthology with 17 stories.
  • Richard D'Agostino, Rite of Passage.  Thriller.
  • William C. Dietz, Legion of the Damned.  Military SF.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Transformers:  Ghosts of Yesterday.  A prequel to the Transformers film, "based on a story by David Cian."
  • Alan Furst, Mission to Paris.  Historical spy-guy novel from one of the best in the business.
  • Jon Guenther, ghost writer, Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan:  Diplomacy Directive.  Men's adult action novel stemming from the Executioner series.
  • Barb & J.C. Hendee, Dhampir.  Vampire fantasy.
  • Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Dune:  House Atreides.  Sf, a prequel to Frank Herbert's Dune.
  • Victoria Holt, Bride of Pendorric and The Shadow of the Lynx.  Romantic suspense.
  • Rich Horton, editor, Fantasy:  The Best of the Year, 2008 Edition.  Nineteen stories from 2007.
  • Diana Wynne Jones, The Magicians of Caprona.  YA fantasy in the world of Chrestomanci.
  • Mercedes Lackey, The River's Gift.  Fantasy novella.
  • Richard Laymon, Blood Games.  Horror.
  • Stan Lee, editor, The Ultimate Spider-Man.  Anthology with a dozen stories about the comic book superhero.
  • Tanith Lee, A Bed of Earth (The Gravedigger's Tale).  Fantasy, Book III of the Secret
    Books of Venus.
  • James Lowder, The Ring of Winter.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel in the Harpers series.
  • Brian Lumley, Necroscope:  Avengers.  Horror, the thirteenth book in the series.
  • William P. McGivern, Savage Streets.  Crime.
  • Juliet E. McKenna, The Gambler's Fortune.  Fantasy in the Einarinn series.
  • Mike Moscoe, The First Casualty.  Military SF.
  • Kate Mosse, Sepulchre.  Thriller.
  • Ogden Nash, The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash.  Every once in a while you need to escape into Nash's poems.  This book was my introduction to Ogden Nash, way back in junior high.  Originally published as Verses from 1929 On.  (And, no, I was not in junior high in 1929.  Sheesh, how old do you think I am?)
  •  Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb, Song of the Saurials.  Gaming (Forgotten Realms) tie-in novel, Book Three of the Finder's Stone Trilogy.
  • Norman Partridge, Dark Harvest.  Horror with kick-butt cover art by Jon Foster.
  • Steve Perry, Spindoc.  SF murder mystery.
  • Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Icefire.  Techno-thriller.
  • "Mike Shepherd" (Mike Moscoe), Kris Longknife:  Defiant.  Military SF, the third (I think) in the series.
  • "Ian Slater," Showdown:  USA vs. Militia.  Military thriller.
  • Alexander McCall Smith, La's Orchestra Saves the World.  Novel about life in England during WWII.
  • Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, The Hand of Chaos.  Fantasy in the Death Gate series
  • Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman and others, The War of the Lance -- Tales II Trilogy, Volume Three.  Gaming (DragonLance) tie-in anthology with eleven stories.  Is there a more rambling, over-burdened book title around?
  • Laurence Yep, Dragon of the Lost Sea.  Juvenile fantasy.
  • Jack Zipes, adapter (from the Richard Burton translation), The Arabian Nights, Volume II.


  1. There is always one writer I have read on your list and this week It's lLinda Barnes.

  2. Glad to see that you are back to normal. My haul last week was only a dozen.