Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 25, 2013


Incoming?  I don't need no stinkin' Incoming! 

Actually, I haven't been anywhere this week where I could buy either books or dog food.  Declan is very upset about the latter.

Dawn came to my rescue on Saturday, dropping off one very interesting book but no dog food (sorry, Declan):

  • Ariana Franklin, City of Shadows.  A historical suspense novel revolving around efforts to pass Anna Anderson off as the Princess Anastasia.  In real life, Anna Anderson was a humbug who maintained this claim up to the day she died; it will be interesting to see how she is protrayed in this novel.


  1. Always been fascinated by this story. I picture Ingrid Bergman every time.

  2. In 1988, Kitty and I were house managers at an Equity theater in Massachusetts when THE ANASTASIA GAME by Robert Wright and George Forrest (with the book by Jerome Chodorov and Guy Bolton) premiered for a three-week run. The music was based on works by Rachmaninoff. The show had a big-name cast (Judy Kaye, Len Cariou, and Steve Barton) and we thought it might go the distance. At the same time, though, Wright and Forrest were premiering GRAND HOTEL in Boston, twenty-five miles away. GRAND HOTEL made it to Broadway (and five Tonys); while poor ANASTASIA lanquished. Of course, this was Wright and Forrest's third try (since 1965)at making a musical out of the story. They finally got it on the fourth try a few years later with THE ANASTASIA AFFAIRE (a.k.a. ANASTASIA, THE MUSICAL), although I don't believe the show ever made it to Broadway.

    We lived and breathed the story for a month. No wonder I picture Judy Kaye instead of Ingrid Bergman.