Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Eleven years ago today, a confident, serene baby was introduced to this world and our lives have never been the same.  It seems such a short time ago, while at the same time it is difficult to remember a time when this powerful conglomeration of giggles and smiles was not with us.

How to describe Erin?  Smart.  Funny.  Talented.  Beautiful.  Caring.  She can run like a demon on the soccer field.   The things she can do with a hula hoop amaze me.  She's determined to master whatever challenge comes her way.  She has invented the very best dances.  She runs when I try to tickle her.

Erin has a special magic with animals; they seem to sense her loving heart.  This is a talent that you ever have or do not have as a child.  Erin has it in spades.  So, on this, her second double-digit birthday, I am sending her these songs and clips.  With love.

(We thought it would be cool if she were to be born on 02-02-02, but Erin had an independent mind.  Nonetheless, Groundhog Day remain very special.)

(When she is over at our house, Declan turns into a needy dog.)

(Erin, ever wise, loves brocolli.)

(Her cat, Willow, is not a mean kitty.)

(And Erin loves her goats)

(And my wish for her.)

(And a promise.)

Happy birthday, Erin.  We love you.

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