Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 7, 2013


First lines from various stories from the pulps:

It was perhaps three in the morning when Lieutenant O'Hara of the 47th Phillipine Scouts left Sugut to make to make the dangerous six-mile hike back to barracks. -- "One Step from Hell" by E. Hoffman Price, Argosy Weekly, August 5, 1939

It was night, and the open range shone in the moonlight for miles and miles beneath the sea of stars in which the moon sailed grandly.  -- "Hell-Roarin' Range" by Murray Leinster, Real Western, August, 1941

Riley Dillon reached New York at six-forty P.M. -- "The Necklace of the Empress" by H. Bedford-Jones, Detective Fiction Weekly, November 10, 1934

Though he built his shanty pretty deep in them, Arbey Holden still knew quite a few places where he could get still deeper into the woods if he had a mind to go there. -- "Arbey Holden as Guide" by jim Kjelgaard, Short Stories, October 26, 1946

Mrs. Chester Carroll was filled, surfeited, satiated with fiction. -- "Thoroughly Feminine!" by Octavus Roy Cohen, Snappy Stories, March 4, 1916

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