Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Milt Gross (1895-1953) was an American cartoonist best known perhaps his Yiddish/American dialogue and for his 1930 graphic novel He Done Her Wrong:  The Great American Novel and Not a Word in It -- or Music Either.  Other works included Nize Baby (1926), Hiawatta Witt No Odder Poems (1926), De Night in de Front from Chreesmas (1927), Dunt Esk (1927), Famous Fimmales witt Odder Ewents from Heestory (1928), What's This? (1936), That's My Pop Goes Nuts for Fair:  A Cartoon Tour of New York (1939), Dear Dollink (1945), and I Shoulda Ate the Eclair (1946).  Working at his trade since he was a teenager, Gross produced a number of illustrations, animated features, and at least eleven comic strips, including That's My Pop!, which also became a summer replacement for Kate Smith's radio show in 1945.

Here's the first issue of Milt Gross Funnies, featuring That's My Pop!

And as a special bonus, here's someone (and I have no idea who) singing "Banana Oil," a song written (in part) by Milt Gross, celebrating one of his catch phrases:

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