Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A guy walks into a bar and sees that the only other person at the bar seemed gloomy.  He says."Hey, pal, let me buy a drink.  It might cheer you up."

The other thanks him and, as they are downing their drinks, explains that he was getting blue because he was homesick.

'Where are you from?" the first guy asks.


"No kidding?  I'm from Ireland too!  That deserves another drink!  Whereabouts in Ireland?"


"Well, what do you know?  I was originally from Dublin.  Where were you raised?"

"Off Halloran Lane."

"That's amazing.  I was raised there too!  We should have another drink."

The next round of drinks came and the pair discovered that they went to the same school in 1997.

About that time a regular customer comes in and asks the bartender if anything was going on.

The bartender nodded his head toward the pair and said, "Nothing much.  The O'Hara twins are drunk again."

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