Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, November 5, 2012


  • Isaac Asimov, The Tyrannosaurus Prescription and 100 Other Essays.  Miscellaneous essays from all sources, including 20 from his column in SciQuest and 42 introductions and forewards that Asimov wrote for various books.
  • Pierce Askegren, Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Afterimage.  Television tie-in novel.  Askegren was a local (well, D.C. area -- well, actually Northern Virginia) writer; another who left us far too soon.
  • Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, The Bridge to Never Land.  The fifth book in the authors' Starcatchers series, based on Peter Pan.
  • Paul Cornell, Doctor Who:  The Shadows of Avalon.  Television tie-in novel featuring the eighth Doctor.
  • George Harmon Coxe, The Jade Venus. A Kent Murdock mystery.
  • Gordon R. Dickson, The Dragon in Lyonesse.  Fantasy novel in  the Dragon Knight series.
  • "Tabor Evans" (house nme), Longarm and the Colorado Manhunt.  Number 349 in this long-running adult western series.
  • Gherbod Fleming, Gangrel.  Gaming (Vampire: The Masquerade) tie-in novel of The Clan.
  • Geronimo (as told to S. M. Barrett), Geronimo:  His Own Story.  Autobiography.
  • "Brett Halliday" (Davis Dresser), When Dorinda Dances.  A Mike Shayne mystery.
  • Caroline Hart, Merry, Merry Ghost.  A Bailey Ruth fantasy/mystery.
  • "Iceberg Slim" (Robert Beck), Doom Fox.  A ghetto crime novel.
  • Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go.  Lit'ry novel with SF overtones.
  • Barry Letts, Doctor Who:  The Paradise of Death.  Television tie-in novel featuring the third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and the Brigadier.
  • Joseph M. Marshall III, The Journey of Crazy Horse:  A Lokata History.  Non-fiction.
  • "J. D. Masters" (Simon Hawke, born Nicholas Yermakov), Target Steele.  Sixth in the men's action-adventure series about a cyborg cop.
  • Warren Murphy and James Mullaney,  three books in The New Destroyer series:  Dead Reckoning, Guardian Angel, and Killer Ratings.  Men's action-adventure following the characters created by...
  • ...Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir, twenty books in The Destroyer series:  #1 Created, the Destroyer, #3 Chinese Puzzle, #5 Dr. Quake, #6 Death Therapy, #7 Union Bust, #8 Summit Chase, #9 Murder's Shield, #11 Kill or Cure, #12 Slave Safari, #20 Assassins' Play-Off, #26 In Enemy Hands, #27 The Last Temple, #28 Ship of Death, #30 Mugger Blood, #32 Mugger Blood, #32 Killer Chromosomes, #33 Voodoo Die, #36 Power Play, #40 Dangerous Games, #41 Firing Line, and #70 The Eleventh Hour.  Men's action-adventure.
  • "J. D. Robb" (Nora Roberts), Immortal in Death.  Futuristic detective novel in the never-ending Eve Dallas series.  Haven't read any of these, but I thought if I picked this one up. I'd get to it sooner or later.
  • Harry Turtledove, American Empire:  The Victorious Opposition (the fourth (I think) in this particular alternate history series) and Curious Notions (more alt history, Book Two of Crosstime Traffic).
  • Charles G. West, Shoot-Out at Broken Bow.  Western.
  • Lady Wilde, Ancient Legends of Ireland.  Folklore.
  • Jim R. Woolard, Cold Moon.  Packaged as a western novel, this is a frontier novel of the 1793 Shawnee war in Ohio.

And the following were ones Dawn contributed to the cause:
  • Janice Hamrick, Death on Tour. Winner of the 2010 Mystery Writers of America/Minataur Books First Crime Novel.
  • Kathy Reichs, Bones Are Forever.  A Temperance Brennan mystery.
  • Robert Sawyer, Mindscan.  SF.

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  1. Never Let Me Go is one of my favorite novels. Hope you like it. Steel yourself.