Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, November 26, 2012


Some pretty good stuff among the eight books for this week.
  • John Dickson Carr, Papa La-Bas.  Historical mystery set in 1858 New Orleans.  Supposedly Carr's work flagged late in his career, but I'm very interested in reading this, his fourth from final novel.
  • Gordon R. Dickson, Space Winners.  YA SF from one of the greats.
  • Arthur Henry Gooden, Smoke Tree Range.  A 1936 western from Gooden, who was best known for screenwriting for the silents.
  • Jason Goodwin, The Janissary Tree.   Historical mystery (1836 Ottoman Empire) that won an Edgar.
  • Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg, editors, Once Upon a Crime.  Two dozen tales of crime based on fairy tales.
  • Brain Lumley, Hero of Dreams.  Horror novel, the first in Lumley's Dreamland series.
  • Alaexandra Sokoloff, The Shifters.  Supernatural romance, the first of the keepers series.
  • Marth Wells, Stargate Atlantis:  Reliquary.  Television tie-in novel.


  1. This is a smaller than usual but very good group. Been meaning to try Sokoloff for a long time. And the Goodwin book.

  2. Book mania and blogging may be taking a back seat from now to the end of the year, Patti. Kitty is going in for a total knee replacement soon. Her last knee replacement did not go well and she's dreading the upcoming operation. I"ll be working full-time trying to get the dumb dog not to jump in her lap, taking care of the baby and the kids, cleaning, errands, etc., while holding her hand -- all of which do not bother me in the least, but some things will have to have a lower priority.