Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 15, 2012


If you click on to the Amazon Kindle releases for Mysteries and Thrillers, then choose the option "publication date, " you'll get a list of books Amazon will be publishing beginning with the ones with the furthest publishing date.  Hmmm.  So I did:

  • Donald E. Westlake, The Busy Body.  Kindle release date: January 1, 2036
  • Ellery Queen, Calamity Town.  Kindle release date:  January 1, 2036
  • Donald E. Westlake, Good Behavior.  Kindle release date:  January 1, 2036
  • Donald E. Westlake, The Hot Rock.  Kindle release date:  Janaury 1, 1936...
And the list goes on and on because there are 70,392 books in the Kindle Mystery and Thriller catagory as of this morning.

And all of these books which are going to be published some 23 years and a few months in the future are available for pre-order!   Because that's what the wise consumer will do, I guess.

Anyway, kudos to Amazon for planning so far ahead in their quest for global domination.


  1. Funny thing is all those titles are available on Kindle now.

    1. I said strategic planning, not good strategic planning, Michael.

  2. I may be done with the books I have about then.

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