Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


From Harry Harrison's introduction to Decade The 50s, an anthology of science fiction that he and Brian W. Aldiss edited in 1976:

"Anthony Boucher had an equally distinct personality.  He was a man of great wit and charm and who could tell a good joke and write a fine story.  And he was an experienced editor, having beem at the helm of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine for a good number of years, as well as editing with J. Francis McComas what is perhaps the all-time best SF anthology, Tales of Time and Space."

Boucher was a great editor, but Harrison is thinking (I assume) of Clayton Rawson at EQMM and Raymond J. Healy for Tales of Time and Space, which was actually Adventures in Time and Space.  Harrison should have known better, and so should the books copy editors.

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