Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, September 23, 2012


So Christina and Walt are fostering this baby and we get to watch him while they are at work or school.  This is a good thing because he's a good baby and needs (and likes) a lot of cuddling.  Since he's only two-months-old and doesn't understand a thing we are saying, Kitty has decided to call him Jack.  And since the records we have do not list a middle name, Kitty then decided to call him Jack Patrick.  Well, if Kitty can give the kid two names, I figure I can give him a last name.  Jack Patrick is a strong, virile name and he needs a strong, virile last name to with it.  So we are calling him Jack Patrick Kangaroo.  Christina remains unsure about this, but what the heck.

Because he has spent fifty per cent of his little life in the hospital detoxing, Jack Patrick Kangaroo was never circumsized.  (Maybe you can make sense out of that last sentence but I can't.  Anyway, that's the reason Children's Services gave us.)  So Friday, it's arranged, and Jack Patrick Kangaroo goes to have this done,  (By a doctor who, it turns out, does not accept the insurance Children's Services has for Jack Patrick Kangaroo.  So why was the appointment scheduled with this guy?  Who knows?  Anyway, Christina ended up paying for the procedure out of her own pocket.)  We met Christina at the doctor's office just after Christina finished work, and Kitty went in with Christina and Jack Patrick Kangaroo to have the procedure done.  All went well and Jack Patrick Kangaroo is still a smiling, happy baby.

And I started calling Kitty "bris-Kit."

Sometimes I'm bad.

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