Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's amazing what happens when you follow a thread to its illogical conclusion.

I used the bing web search to link to, a weekly must-stop for me.  Listed under "related searches" is Hotlocalstrippers / San Luis Obispo.  I'm not sure if this related search was targeted to me or was targeted in general to my search for  I suspect the latter because I don't think I'd go three blocks, much less three thousand miles, in search of hot local strippers.

So, being evil, I clicked on to Hotlocalstrippers / San Luis Obispo.    The first website that came up on that search was Hilton Family Hotels.  Well, I thought, huh?  Just huh?

Since I am a firm believer in the scientific method, I tried this several times.  For the first three times I ended up at the Hilton.  The fourth time, Hilton Family Hotels was relegated to an ad column on the right side of the screen.   Oh, bing, you tease!

Still, I am far more interested in Age of Aces, Airship 27 Productions, Altus Press, and Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books than I am in hot other-side-of-the-continent strippers.  Somebody at bing evidently feels otherwise.

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