Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 3, 2011


There is just too much crazy in the world for me to wrap my head around, and a lot of the crazy is coming from Wisconsin.

     Recent polls show that Wisconsin voters are realizing the mistake they made in voting in Governor Walker.  For his part, the Governor is holding pat and showing no willingness for discussion and/or compromise.  His intellectual shallowness, political butt-kissing ambitions, and fondness for deception
and lying are becoming more and more evident.  What has not been overly reported are the dire provisions in Wisconsin's budget relief bill.  Luckily, Alison Janssen is here to educate us:

     I'm sure there are a lot of persons with very good intentions and good reasons for their beliefs on the other side of this argument.  But, as a whole, the Tea Party, the Republican Party, Far Right conservatives, Libertarians, and fundamentalists are coming off as morally bankrupt.  There have always been two-faced people (from all sides) in politics, but these jamooks are taking this art form to a whole new level.

     I think it's time for everybody to act like grown-ups.

     But that probably won't happen.

     So let's just have some of us -- a few of us -- act with moral integrity.   

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