Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 21, 2011


Mainly horror and SF this time, with some early Edge westerns thrown in for good measure:
  • Daniel Easterman, The Name of the Beast.  Thriller.  Easterman is a pseudonym for Mid-East scholar Dennis MacEoin, who also writes horror novels as "Jonathan Ayecliffe".
  • George Gilman, Edge series:  #2 Ten Grand; #4 Killer's Breed; #5 Blood on Silver; and #26 Death Drive.  Adult westerns.  Gilman is a pseudonym for Terry Harknett.
  • Jonathan Fast, The Inner Circle.  Horror.  Fast is the son of novelist Howard Fast and a distinguished writer in his own right.
  • Christopher Golden, editor, The New Dead:  A Zombie anthology.  Horror anthology.
  • Sarah Gran, Come Closer.  Horror novel.
  • James Herbert, The Fog.  Horror novel.
  • Carol Hightshoe, editor.  Space Sirens.  SF Anthology.  #2 in the Full-Throttle Space Tales series.
  • Richard Laymon, Beware.  Horror novel.
  • Jonathan Letham & Carter Scholz, Kafka Americana.  SF collection.  Two stories by Letham, two by Scholz, and one collaboration.
  • Michael Moore, Stupid White Men...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation.  Non-fiction.  Nobody rants like Moore.  (Actually, this book is one my wife snagged and she made me read the first chapter on the ride home; Moore doesn't care for Dubya.)
  • Arthur W. Saha, editor, The Year's Best Fantasy Stories:  13.  Fantasy anthology.  Covers 1986.
  • Robert J. Sawyer, 1terations.  SF collection.
  • John Saul, Black Creek Crossing.  Horror novel.  Another of his children in danger novels.
  • Dave Ulanski with Garrett Anderson, editors, Werewolves:  Dead Moon Rising.  Horror Anthology.  A "Moonstone Monsters anthology".
  • Stewart Wieck, editor, The Beast Within.  Horror anthology.  A Vampire:  The Masquerade anthology.
  • Robert Westall, The Best of Robert Westall, Volume Two:  Shades of Darkness.  YA horror collection, but Westall, like Joan Aiken, can be read and appreciated by all ages.
  • Charles Wilkins, editor, The Wolf's Eye:  Twenty Stories from Northwestern Ontario.  Fiction anthology.  This copy was inscribed and signed by "Dorothy", evidently contributor Dorothy Colby.
  • Colin Wilson, The Mind Parasites.  SF/horror novel.
  • F. Paul Wilson, Dydeetown World.  SF novel.

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