Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 14, 2011


A boa acting like a boor made a fatal mistake, one that be should be a warning for some men.  The incident involved Orit Fox, a B-list Israeli model who should never worry about drowning.  During a photo shoot with the boa, Orit tried to kiss/lick the snake.  As is well-known, when a busty blonde starts to kiss/lick the snake, the results should be predictable.  Yep, this set the snake off.  So the snake bit the model on the left breast.  Caught on film.  Busted!  The jug jig was up.

     Now, usually this would result in the snake getting a booby prize for bad behavior.  Alas, this was not to be.  D cup runneth over -- with silicon, which poisoned the snake.  Fangs a lot, breast enhancement!

     Orit was taken to the hospital and given a tetanus shot.  A tetanus shot would not have helped the snake, though.  It died.  Happily, we hope.

     So, gentlemen, this is how not to treat some women.  Ladies, these is not how to treat some big snakes.  The visual evidence is here:

By the way, "Silicon Orit Fox" is an anagram for TOXIC and a whole bunch of other letters.

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  1. I somehow doubt the snake was actually poisoned, so much as "put down"...when, after all, the poor boa probably thought it was being tasted.