Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 28, 2011


Not much came in this week, if you compare it to recent weeks.  I had a chance to pick up several Dorchester/Leisure books, but opted not to.
  • Philip Jose Farmer, The Unreasoning Mask.  SF novel.
  • Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett, editors, Dark Passions:  Hot Blood XIII.  Horror anthology.  I had read the first few books in the Hot Blood series and enjoyed them.  It's time to see if the series is still good, although with contributions by Dave Zeltserman, Ed Gorman, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, David J. Schow, Thomas Tessier, and Graham Masterton, among others, bodes well for this collection.
  • Jack McDevitt, Seeker.  SF novel.  The third of the Alex Benedict novels.
  • John Miller, First Power Play.  SF novel, Volume 1 in the Inner Planets Trilogy, a Buck Rogers in the XXV Century book.
  • Sarah Stromeyer, Bubbles All the Way.  Mystery novel.  I am a Bubbles fan.

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