Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 24, 2021


 The Crime Club was a mystery anthology series that ran on the Mutual Network for 46 episodes from December 2, 1946, to October 15, 1947.  Doubleday Publishing had entered a deal with Mutual to adapt mysteries from its Dobleday Crime Club imprint for the show and to use the Crime Club name for a few original scripts in the program.  This series is not to be confused with the Eno Crime Club that had aired years earlier on Columbia; there was no connection between that show and Doubleday.

Each episode began with with The Librarian of The Crime Club answering the telephone, telling the caller that he did have "that" book, and inviting the caller to stop by The Crime Club to get the story.   Once the caller arrived, The Librarian would take the manuscript off the shelf and the tale would begin.

In "Fish for Entree" -- presumably an original script; I could not find any reference to the book on Worldcat -- a corpse with dead fish in its pocket is hauled up from the harbor by the son of the local sheriff.  Written by Stedman Coles and directed by Roger Bower, this episode features Walter Kinsella, Virginia Dwyer, Bill Smith, Julie Stevens, and Paul Hammond.  Barry Thomson is The Librarian.


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