Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 19, 2021


 There was only one issue of this ground-breaking comic.  "Every brush stoke and pen line in the drawings on these pages are by Negro artists....another milestone in the splendid history of Negro journalism."  The brainchild of Orrin C. Evans, a former reporter and editor in the Afro-American newspaper field, Evans was also a contributor to The Crisis, the official organ of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Here you will meet Ace Harlem, noted Negro detective.  You'll journey to the African Gold Coast, where Lion Man, a college-educated American has been sent by the United Nations to watch over the world's largest deposit of uranium -- and with the help of his young friend Bubba -- faces the minois of "any treacherous nation that might seek to carry away the lethal stuff for the purpose of war."  And you'll travel the rails with Sugrfoot and Snake-Oil, two roving minstels who bring a dash of unintentional humor to their journeys.  For the kiddies, there's the adventures of the Dew Dillies -- Bubbles and Bibber, two little sprites who live in a fantasy land.

All-Negro Comics is dated and somewhat stereotypical, but it was an important advance for its time.  For all of its hep cats, jive talk, and slurred English, the book goes a long way to portray the situation of African-Americans in the late 1940s and to provide wholesome entertainment to its readers.

"REMEMBER -- Crime Doesn't Pay, Kids!  Stick to the church, and use up your energy in good clean sports."

And a Happy Juneteenth to all!

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