Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 Bonita Granville, now a bit older from her Nancy Drew days, plays twins Linda and Estelle -- one nice and one not so nice.  Army veterans and roommates Don Castle and Wally Cassell become involved with the twins and Estelle plays one man against the other.  Then Linda's body turns up in a barrel of gravel.  Regis Toomey plays the detective in charge of the case.

Based on Cornell Wollrich's story "He Looked Like Murder" (from Detective Fiction Weekly, February 8, 1941), the film was adapted by Robeert Presnell, Sr. (The Kennel Murder Case, Meet John Doe, Hurricane Smith).  Vienna-born John Reinhardt directed this B-movie for Poverty Row Monogram Pictures.  Granville's husband Jack Wrather produced The Guilty; she and Wrather went on to produce the Lassie television series.


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