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Saturday, January 4, 2020


"Fighting Aces of War Skies"

 America was not in the war when this comic book began, but that didn't stop Fiction House from showing the brave men and women (and children) who were fighting the Nazi menace in Europe from the get-go..

Wings Comics got a little closer to home once we entered the war.  A typical cover proclaimed:

"Dedicated to American flying men who are carrying the Stars and Stripes to the sky so that freedom may prevail"

Following World War II, the comic reverted to historic stories of aerial derring-do.

Fiction House was a major publisher of the pulps.  Their air adventure magazine Wings ran from January 1928 to the Spring 1953 issue, a total of 133 issues.  Wings Comics took its title from the pulp magazine and ran for 124 issues, from September 1940 to Summer 1954.

The premiere issue of Wings Comics featured stories about the RAF "Skull Squad" (a Yank, a Scot, and a Brit), the "Parachute Patrol' (three kids -- Tommy, Blimpo, and Curly -- in war-torn France), Jane Martin (Red Cross "War Nurse," again in France, but with a tight-fitting un-nurse-like outfit), Clipper Kirk ( Canadian air ace supporting the Tommies in their fight against the Germans), F-4 of the Air Intelligence (fighting the Fifth Column), Suicide Smith (a "Blitzkeig Buster"), The Phantom Falcons (a group of five daring airmen in Europe), Grease monkey Griffiin (a sky-screwy Yank stranded in London becomes a mechanic for the RAF), and "Powder" Burns (a jilted Yank joins a proper Brit and a mountain of a Swede to fight the Nazis).  There's also a bunch of miscellaneous features.  Quite a bargain for your 1940 dime.

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