Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Yesterday I watched Renfrew of the Royal Mounted, the first of eight films about the popular boy's book character.  Renfrew, if you don't know him, was a straight shooter former Royal Flying Corps officer who brought peace and justice to the Canadian Northwest in ten books (1922-1941) and well over a dozen short stories by Laurie York Erskine..

Like many American cowboys -- and unlike Sergeant Preston (who debuted two years after the first Renfrew film) Renfrew sang (blame the popularity of Nelson Eddy's singing mountie in 1936's Rose-Marie).  Renfrew often sang with a backup chorus of mounties who conveniently knew the words.

(Renfrew's first name, by the way, is Douglas, a name not used in the film.  Everyone just calls him Rennie.)

Renfrew sings, cooks, and arrests the bad guys in the same manner -- excellently.  In the film, he is challenged to a barbecue sauce cook-off with the cook of a well-known resort.  Not only does Renfrew come up with the sauce, he sings it.  Here's James Newell as Sergeant Renfrew singing a barbecue recipe from Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937):

This recipe, as you can tell, it not recommended.  So how about a few recommended recipes, keeping in mind that barbecue sauces and tastes can differ widely.

A tangy Memphis barbecue sauce:

Kansas City barbecue sauce.

North Carolina barbecue sauce:

And, an Asian flavored barbecue sauce:

Which do you prefer?

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