Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Host E. G. Marshall leads us into the strange world of Algernon Blackwood's "In the Fog," as adapted by Roy Winsor.

A shell-shocked World war I veteran, in Boston to visit friends, gets lost in a fog.  He meets a woman who is anxious to make an appointment and helps her find her way home.  Later, the woman is found dead...

As usual, producer Himan Brown directed this episode.

Brown would use a number of regular actors throughout the run of the show.  Actor Gordon Gould, who  would appear in 63 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater, played the lead. Martha Greenhouse, the woman, appeared in 32 episodes of the show.  Also featured were Ian Martin (225 episodes) and William Griffis (61 episodes).

Algernon Blackwood was one of the most popular writers of ghost and supernatural stories of the twentieth century and the author of the classic tale "The Willows" and of the John Silence stories;.  Roy Winsor is best remembered as a writer of soap operas and creator of Search for Tomorrow, The Secret Storm, and Love of Life; he also won an Edgar for his novel The Corpse That Walked.

"In the Fog" was broadcast on August 17, 1977 and was repeated on December 29 of the year.


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