Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, October 31, 2019


This classic radio play was written by Lucille Fletcher (Sorry Wrong Number, And Presumed Dead, Night Watch) and first presented by Orson Welles on The Orson Welles Show on November 17, 1941.   Welles reprised the play three more times on radio:  on Suspense, September 2, 1942, on The Philip Morris Playhouse, October 16, 1942, and on The Mercury Summer Theatre of the Air, June 21, 1946. The haunting music for all four radio shows was composed by Bernard Herrmann, Lucille Fletcher's then husband.

Rod Serling famously adapted the play for the first season of The Twilight Zone in 1960.

Ronald Adams, driving cross-country from New York to California, first sees the hitch-hiker as he leaves Brooklyn.  He sees him again at the Pulasky Skyway, and again and again as he crosses the country -- always the same man, always hitchhiking.  There is no logical way the hitchhiker cold continually appear ahead of him on so many points of his journey.  Adams becomes terrified of the apparition and becomes determined to run him (it?) down the next time he sees him.  A close encounter in Texas leads to a shocking conclusion in the New Mexico desert.

A truly frightening program, just right for Halloween day.

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