Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, October 6, 2019


The other day Kitty was stuck in Youtube Land.  She had come across an old movie dance number, which led to another, which lead to another, until she had spent several hours watching some of the greatest dance sequences of all time.  Then she sat me down to watch them.  Now, I'm sitting you down to watch some of them.  The grace, the athleticism, the moves will mesmerize you.

Two great hoofers -- Bob Hope and James Cagney:

Donald O'Connot tap dances on roller skates:

Gene Kelly dances with Jerry, the cartoon mouse:

Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnakov:

And the Nicholas Brothers, perhaps the greatest of them all:

Fred Astaire with Rita Hayworth, doing the Shorty George:

Ann Miller:

Eleanor Powell wows them in Ship Ahoy:

Gene Kelly dances to a recipe for linguini, then dances with Danny Kaye: