Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


From the dank vaults of Republic Films, here's an episode of "The Three Mesquiteers," staring John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, and Max Terhune.  A large land-grab swindle gives con man Talbot (George Douglas) control of millions of acres of land.  Talbot begins taxing the ranchers on the land and kicking out anyone refusing to pay.  Stony, Tucson, and Lullaby done KKK-style hoods and robes to become "The Night Riders" in order to fight this injustice.  This questionable film was released right after Wayne had his breakthrough role in Stagecoach and did him no favors.

The Night Riders was the twenty-first in the series of fifty-one films from Republic and the fifth to star John Wayne in a revolving cast of actors playing the three leads.  Tom Tyler, who plays Jackson in this film, eventually went on to play Stony in the final thirteen films in the series.  The series was extremely popular and was constantly ranked in the top ten western series by Motion Picture Herald.  The Three Mesquiteers were originally created in a series of books by William Colt MacDonald.


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