Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 19, 2019


Feature Funnies started out as a newspaper strip reprint comic book in October 1937 from Quality Comics.  It published strips from three syndicates:  the McNaught Syndicate, the Frank J. Markey Syndicate, and the Register and Tribune Syndicate.  Among the featured strips in the first issue were Mickey Finn, Jane Arden, Lala Palooza, and The Bungle Family.  New material -- including superhero stories -- was provided by the comics packagers, notably the Harry "A" Chesler shop , and then the Eisner & Iger shop.  With issue #21 the title was changed to Feature Funnies; under that name the comic continued until May 1950, closing with issue #144.

Issue #21 gave its readers stories about Mickey Finn, Espionage (featuring Black X, written and drawn by Will Eisner), Jane Arden, Big Top, Captain Cook of Scotland Yard, The Clock, Lala Palooza (by Rube Goldberg), the Bungle Family, Richard Manners, Slim and Tubby, Ned Brant, Toddy, Reynolds of the Mounted, Dixie Dugan, and Joe Palooka, along with such features as  Off the Record and They're Still Talking.  Sixty-eight pages for one thin dime.  What a bargain!  And it allowed its readers to catch up on strips that may not have appeared in their local newspapers.

Enjoy this blast from the past.

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