Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, August 31, 2019


Everett True is a middle-aged, bald, stout man with a premanent frown on his face.  He is quick-tempered and easily upset by life's little irritants -- rudeness, cruelty to animals, self-centeredness, impositions, stupitity, and the unthinking people you meet every day.  Whenever he encounters such an affront to his sensibilities he has an outburst, sometimes in the form of of a rant but more often in a physical attack, amusing any by-standers who wished they could have done the same.  True's outbursts were every man's wish fantasy fulfilled.

He began his career as a two-panel newspaper comic strip (syndicated by the Newspaper Enterprise Association) on July 22, 1905.  The strip was created by A.C. Condo and J. W. Raper, with Condo doing the artwork; I'm not sure what Raper's contribution was because I suspect Condo also wrote the strip.  (Condo created several other strips including Mr. Skygak, from Mars [1907-1912], considered the first science fiction comioc strip.)  The original title of the Everett True comic strip was A Chapter from the Career of Mr. Everett True, but was soon changed to The Outbursts of Everett True.  The strip ran until January 13, 1927, when it Condo's health problems led his to stop it.  During its lifetime the comic strip was the syndicate's most popular feature.

The first book collection of Everett True's ill-tempered adventures was published in 1907 and can be found at the link below.



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