Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Rod Cameron had a 39-year career in films and television.  In films, he was most identified as a western actor but on television, his three series placed him firmly in the crime and mystery camp.  In 1953 Cameron played Lt. Bart Grant in City Detective for two seasons; he was Lt. Rod Blake for three seasons (1956-1959) in State Trooper; and he played P.I. Dan Adams for the 39 episodes of Coronado 9 (1960-61).

Adams is a former Navy intelligence officer turned private eye in San Diego.  Coronado 9 is his address, noted from a rock with "9" painted on it in front of his house.  (Incidentally, the real Coronado is a city in San Diego County; I'm not sure if the series was actually supposed to take place in Coronado or in San Diego; if Coronado, that is one poor excuse for an address.) In an era where many television detective shows offered light, entertaining fare (Bourbon Street Beat, Hawaiian Eye, Surfside Six, 77 Sunset Strip, Peter Gunn, Checkmate, ad infinitum), Coronado 9 stands out as one of the few gritty, well-paced dramas.

The first episode in the series (aired on September 6, 1960) was "The Widow of Kill Cove."  Adams is hired by a woman (Beverly Garland) to find out if her husband is still alive.  Of course, the case soon gets complicated and dangerous.

"The Widow of Kill Cove" was directed by Richard Irving from a script by Lawrence Kimball.  Also featured in this episode were Doug McClure and Anthony Caruso.


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