Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


A dead hooker.  A ring that was part of a stolen -- and now missing -- Nazi horde.  A beautiful but treacherous babe.  And maybe just more than a smattering of violence.

Mike Hammer is on the case.

Robert Bray (who had been acting since 1946, mainly in B westerns and television oaters) plays the tough guy detective, and strangely leads the credits as "introducing robert bray as 'mike hammer'."  Bray may be best known as forest ranger Corey Stuart, who took ownership of Lassie in Season 11 after Timmy and his family moved to Australia; as Stuart Bray lasted until Season 15 when he was not quite killed off when badly injured in a forest fire -- Corey Stuart went to the hospital never to be heard from again (a fate, sans hospital, that also fell to Richie Cunningham's older brother and many other television unwanteds) and Lassie became the ward of his "godfathers," two younger rangers.

I see I'm going off topic here.

Pamela Duncan plays Velda.  She played the damsels in distress in two Roger Corman low-budget horror flicks the same year.  For most of the 50s, she appeared in a ton of television westerns as eye candy.

The role of police Captain Pat Chambers fell to Booth Colman (as Booth Coleman), a journeyman film, television, and stage actor perhaps best known as Zaius on the series Planet of the Apes.

Also featured were Whitney Blake, Donald Randolph, Jan Cheney, and Genie Coree.  Victor Saville and George white directed from a script by Richard Collins and Richard Powell; Powell also provided the screen story from Mickey Spillane's novel.

Not as heralded as Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly, but this still remains a pretty solid flick in the Mike Hammer canon.


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