Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, August 10, 2019


Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond was a wealthy World War I veteran of the "gentleman" class -- code word for "physically and morally intrepid" as only a certain type of Englishman could be.  He is also bored by inaction after the war so he advertises his services as a gentleman adventurer and embarks on a series of adventures that made him one of the most popular fictional characters of his time.  The creation of H. C. McNeille writing under the name of "Sapper," Drummond blazed his way through novels, short stories, the stage, film, radio, television, and comics and graphic novels.  Following McNeille's death in 1937, his friend Gerard Fairlie continued writing Drummond adventures through 1954.

Drummond is brave and fearless, a marksman who is also an expert at jujutsu and -- of course -- a crackerjack at cricket.  Today, he may considered a jingoistic relic of a time of privilege; indeed, C. Day-Lewis described him as an "unspeakable public school bully."

Drummond's initial adventure was adapted into a comic book as part of the Almagamated Press' Super Detective Library in 1953.  His advertisement has brought him to lovely Phyllis Benton and, eventually, to the man who would become his arch enemy, Carl Peterson.

Enjoy this first foray into danger.

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