Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 30, 2018


The T-Man of the title is Pete Trask, a tall, lantern-jawed man with a dash of oh-so-sophisticated gray at the temples and a pencil-thin mustache.  Created by Joseph Millard for Quality Comics Police Comics #103 (December 1950), where he appeared for 22 of the next 25 issues.  During this run, quality also gave T-Man his own comic book, which lasted for 38 issues until Quality closed its doors and DC Comics took over their properties.  DC evidently had no use for Pete Trask, never using the character.  Thus, after T-Man #38 (December 1956) Pete Trask joined so many other comic book heroes in Comic Book Valhalla.

In this issue:

Trask is at the dentist, not realizing that the dentist fearing discovery by Allied agents -- has placed a microfilm intended for Communist spies in one of Trask's teeth.

When a baron with diplomatic immunity steals a secret military code book, Trask must get it back.

A stampeding elephant in India uncovers a subversive printing operation located in a mosque.  Pete is on the case.

This issue also introduces Jack Cole's 'The Teen Terrors,"  Augie Moore, Marcie Blayne, Slope Carr, and Red are typical teenagers hanging around the malt shop.  They decide to become detectives -- with disastrous results.


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