Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 2, 2018


C. Arthur Pearson, the British publisher, released a series of comic books in 1959 under the umbrella title TV Picture Series.  Each issue would take an episode from a television series and adapt it in comic book form.

O.S.S. ran for one season (1957-8) for a total of 26 episodes.  Filmed in England, it starred Austratian actor Ron Rendell as Captain Frank Hawthorn, an O.S.S. agent operating behind German lines in France during World War II.

"Operation -- Sweet Talk" was the tenth episode shown, airing on November 26, 1957.  To counter propaganda from the seductive radio voice of  Germany's "Axis Sally," the Office of War Information plans to launch their own seductive voice, that of beautiful dancer Kyro Caro.  Frank Hawthorn is assigned to watch over Kyro.  At the same time, German operatives are determined to rid themselves of freedom-loving rival to Axis Sally.

The comic book follows the television episode closely.


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