Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Once again let's travel to the ever-dangerous jungle with Frank Riddell's Kaanga (Fiction House's Tarzan wannabe), his mate Ann (a Clark Kent-colored -- so black it's blue -- raven-haired beauty ever so fashionable in a two-piece leopard skin outfit), and N'geeso (their native warrior friend) where they face off against a giant ape man (no, not Tarzan, but a brutish Neanderthal-type giant).

Then, we can hop over to India with Roy L. Smith's Wambi the Jungle Boy (who talks to, and is friends with, the jungle animals.  Wambi's friend, the large ape Ogg (along with many other creatures) , has been captured and caged by strangers intent on selling the jungle animals.  Wambi may be non-violent, but the bad men are.

Another white jungle lord is Tabu, drawn by Howard Larsen.  This necklace-wearing man is a jungle lord with a difference -- he has strange magical powers.  He turns an old log into an angry hippopotamus, leaves into vampire bats, and a women's hair into snakes, a la Medusa.  Tabu must use his mighty powers to stop n invading tribe.

Then, Simba, King of the beasts, goes against an evil witch doctor who hopes to wreak vengeance on the tribe that banished him.

Follow this up with stories about Captain Terry Thunder of the Foreign Legion and Camilla, Queen of the Jungle Empire and you have an action-packed issue.


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