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Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 14, 2018


There's a lot of confusion about Stand By for Crime on the web, evidently confusing it with a television show of the same name.  The television show featured veteran newsman Mike Wallace from the days when he was Myron Wallace.  The show evidently aired at a time when Wallace was hosting/announcing/presenting a boat load of radio shows from Chicago.  Evidently there are no episodes extant of this early television show.

The realistic, but short-lived, radio crime program Stand By for Crime.starred Glen Langan as Chuck Morgan, a Los Angeles radio news anchor.  Morgan gets crime tips from his police buddy Lieutenant Bill Miggs.  Morgan sniffs around crime with his Girl Friday, Carol Curtis (played by Adele Jurgens, Langan's real-life wife).  The banter between Langan and Jurgens adds a bit of humanity to a show that otherwise would have the same vibe as Mr. District Attorney or Dragnet.

There were 26 or 27 episodes of the original radio program, but additional shows were then produced in Australia, possibly rewrites of the earlier episodes.

I have no idea when this particular episode aired.

Nonetheless, enjoy "The Mark Adams Murder."  It's an interesting one.

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