Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Who was the most notorious murder from your state?  Here's a list of what one writer believes they should be.  There are a few favorites here -- Jeffrey Dahlmer, the Manson Family, Eric Robert Rudolph, Marie LaLaurie, Jeffrey MacDonald (although a lot of people consider him innocent), Charlie Starkweather, and Dylann Roof.  (No murderer is name for Colorado; victims are named in this case because the murderer is unknown.  If that's part of the criteria, why not include Jimmy Hoffa's killer[s] for Michigan?)

Most of those listed committed fairly recent crimes and many seem to have achieved local notoriety only recently.  There's no Billy the Kid, or Bloody Benders, or Aileen Wournos, or Lee Harvey Oswald listed here.  In fairness, the District of Columbia is not listed so the exclusion of John Wilkes Booth can be excused.

Who do you feel is the most notorious murderer from your state?

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