Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, December 2, 2017

CHEYENNE #3 (1957)

Dell issued the comic book Cheyenne, based on the popular western television series, from 1956 to 1961, for a total of 25 issues.  Artist Tom Gill to go out of his way to to draw the title character not to resemble television star Clint Walker.  This worked out well when Walker stormed off the set during a contract dispute and Warner Brothers brought in Ty Hardin as Bronco Lane, who was also added to the comic book for three issues.  When Walker returned to the show, Bronco Lane got his own show but disappeared from the pages of the comic book, never to have a title of his own.

Because of the vageraties of Dell publishing, issue Number 3 was published as Dell 803; issue Number 1 was published as Dell #734 and Number 2 was published as Dell #772; normal numbering began with issue #4.

Anyway, in the opening story this issue, "Fury at Rio Hondo," Cheyenne Bodie finds himself drawn citizen's rebellion in French-ruled Mexico.  It has been noted that this story is a rip-off homage to the Bogart movie To Have and Have Not.

Another plot of another Bogart movie -- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre -- bears a striking resemblance to the second story in this issue, "The Argonauts."

Source material aside, for an old fan of the television show, this issue is a treat.


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