Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


This week's forgotten movie is a nifty little B-movie starring John Miljin (The Ten Commandments, The Fallen Sparrow, The Ghost Walks), who spent much of his career playing archetypal villains, as Bill Holt, a famous detective on vacation.  Holt has decided to write a memoir of his adventures but is having a hard time because of constant interruptions.  He rents a house in a posh neighborhood where no one knows who he is so he can concentrate on writing.  He brings along his assistant who immediately lets it be known who Holt really is.  Soon, the neighbors are trying to see him, leading him to be inviting to a party on a swanky estate.  In best Jessica Fletcher-style, there is a murder, blackmail, gangsters, and a beautiful girl.

Also featured in the accomplished cast are Irene Ware (Night Life of the Gods, Chandu the Magician, The Raven), Iris Adrian (Road to Zanzibar, Shake Hands with Murder, Lady of Burlesque), James Burtis (The Case of the Howling Dog, Charlie Chan's Courage, The Lady from Nowhere), Noel Madison (Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery, The House of Rothschild, Destination Unknown), Oscar Apfel (Fifty Roads to Town, Jim Hanvey, Detective, Cappy Ricks Returns), Barry Norton (Dracula -- the Spanish version, The Sea Fiend, Lady for a Day), Harry Holman (The Bride Came C.O.D., Meet John Doe, Million Dollar Baby), and Betty Blythe (She, The Spanish Cape Mystery, The Queen of Sheba).

Murder at Glen Athol is one of those rare B-movies that manages to rise above it's budget.  Billed as "The most intriguing baffler of them all," it's a fun way to spend sixty-seven minutes of your time.


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