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Saturday, October 14, 2017


Historically, Major George W. Lillie (1860-1942) was the man known as "Pawnee Bill."  A brief look at Wikipedia tells me nothing about any military service he might have had, nor where he got the title Major.  In 1879, when he was nineteen, he was working as an interpreter at the Pawnee Indian agency in Indian Territory.  At age 24 he was a Pawnee interpreter at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and it was there that he was first called Pawnee Bill. In 1888, he and his wife started the Pawnee Bill Historic Wild West show, which lasted for twenty years when he joined forces with his old employer Buffalo Bill to form the Two Bills Show.  Lillie had a number of various business interests, much of which rested on his Pawnee Bill reputation and that reputation appears to rest more on image than on any Old West activities.

In the comic book world, Avon Comics published White Chief of the Pawnee Indians, based on Major Lillie/Pawnee Bill.  Beyond the name and the long hair and mustache, that's probably where the resemblance ends.

The comic book features a three-chapter story.  The introduction to Chapter One tells us: 

     Pawnee Bill:  A major in the U.S. Cavalry, hunter, miner and scout, he respected and was respected by the Indians!  As white chieftain of the Pawnee tribe, this man lived the legends that grew up around his colorful exploits!  He typified the Old West, and is best remembered for his part in the --- "Fight for Oklahoma"

And the intro to Chapter Two:

     Pawnee Bill has turned the knife of Gray Wolf aside, and has won victory, where before there was only defeat!  But, Gray Wolf will not forget, and between this renegade Pawnee chief, and Pawnee Bill's deadly enemies, the Daltons, he will one day taste the full bitter sting of. --- "Gray Wolf's Revenge" --- !

Which brings us to the final chapter:

     The Daltons have failed to kill Pawnee Bill, but they must try again and succeed, or lose Oklahoma's rich grazing lands for their employers, the powerful cattlemen!  And as fire -- destruction -- and death sweep the range, Pawnee Bill and his friends fight the nightmarish terror created by --- "The Nightriders"

Phew!  Can't get much more Wild West than that.

Also included in this issue is "Prisoners," an action-packed story featuring "the frontier's most famous scout," who also happens to be a well-endowed, raven-haired beauty.