Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 21, 2017


You got your dime's worth with this comic -- 68 pages and at least twelve stories and a number of fillers.

  • The Black X battles espionage in war-torn France (with great art by Will Eisner)
  • Detective (or is it defective?) Philpott Veep solves the case of the Signs and Shadows
  • When crooks throw a ringer into the big hockey game at Cliffside, it's up to Chip Chance to make things right
  • Abdul the Arab, son of Ali Bey, is called upon to solve the mystery of stolen oil in the persian Gulf
  • Captain Cook of Scotland Yard tackles The Case of the Stolen Bullion
  • "Sportraits" features a look at bobsled driver Bucky Wells, record holder for the Lake Placid course
  • Henry Hazzard and His Iron Man go after "Batzi" sabotage  (Really?  Batzis?  And their leader Hitlin?  Time to grow some, Smash Comics.  And could this Iron Man have been an influence on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's hero of the same name for Marvel comics?  At least Tony Stark didn't have to deal with Batzis.)
  • Archie O'Toole, the king of Pyromania, wants to make his land a perfect country; it doesn't work (again, written and drawn by Will Eisner)
  • Chic Carter, Ace Reporter, gets the lowdown on the curse of the Star of Egypt diamond
  • The Invisible Hood goes after the Voodoo Master
  • Flash Fulton and Andy search the Amazon jungle for missing pilot Roger Hart
  • John Law, Scientective, (he's both a noted scientist and a lawyer) continues his crusade against The Avenger,who has targeted thirteen prominent and wealthy men
  • Wun Cloo, the Defective Detective, has to wrestle the great champion Mugwa in order to win the $100,000 prize money needed to save the town from bankrupcy
  • When an enemy dirigible bombs and destroys the Tennessee Valley Dam, it's time for Wings Wendall of the Military Intelligence to jump in
  • As well as a few more features and stories to fill out the issue

Like I said, a bargain.  And it doesn't even have to cost that dime.