Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Captain Condor, brave spaceship pilot in the 3000 who "was outlawed for opposing the dictator who ruled the planets," was created for the weekly British boy's newspaper Lion in 1952 as their answer to Dan Dare, a popular character in rival paper The Eagle.  Condor was the creation of writer Frank S. Pepper (1910-1988), who went on to co-create the well-known sports strip Roy of the Rovers for Tiger.  (Ironically, Pepper also wrote for Dan Dare.)  Ronald Forbes contributed the first artwork for the strip.  Captain Condor ran for 177 issues -- through September 10, 1955, then revived from November 18, 1961 through 1968.

This compilation includes the following stories:

  • "The Mystery of the Vanished Spaceship" - Condor's friend Pete finds a hole in space.
  • "Captain Condor and the Robot Spacemen" - When a band of men opposing the dictator are exiled to Mercury, Condor tries to rescue them.
  • "Captain Condor Fights the Space Pirates" - Asteroid-X is hurling toward Earth when Condor discovers that it is actually a pirate spaceship.
  • "The Menace on Space-Station J.9" -  Venusian convict Vargol Skurn has managed to get into Space-Station J.9's strongroom to loot it.  Skurn, protected by a deadly electro-screen, has even managed to defeat one of Condor's robots.  Can Condor capture this dastard?
  • "Prisoners of the Space Outlaws" - While searching for a lost spaceship, Condor and his crew meet up with a gang of space pirates and their deadly monstrous robot.
  • "Captain Condor -- Space Detective" - Sent to Memfu, the capitol of Krypto, to investigate rumors of the capture of a supposedly extinct dynotrop, Condor meets with palace intrigue, the stolen eyes from the statue of the rajking, and that marauding dynotrop intent on destroying the city.
And there's nary a girl around in the stories.  Evidently they were a no-no for British boys of the time.  To make up for that, there's action, valor, and well-drawn artwork.  



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