Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Written by Phil Ochs, this is one of my favorite songs, here performed by Jim and Jean.  Jim Glover met a young Phil Ochs at Ohio State, where he got Ochs interested in folk music and taught him to play the guitar.  They briefly formed a folk duo called "Singing Socialists."  Glover moved to New York, met and fell in love with Jean Ray.  they were featured a few times on Art Linkletter's television program, probably because Jean's mother was Linkletter's secretary;  their first issued recording was on a compilation album title Jack Linkletter Presents a Folk Festival in 1963.  When Phil Ochs moved to New York the next year, he stayed with the couple, who then introduced him to his future wife, Alice Skinner.  Jim and Jean issued three albums; their career evidently ended when their marriage did, although they did reunite thirty years later for a single performance in 2006.  Jean Ray died in 2007; Jim Glover now lives in Florida and has long been a peace activist.


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