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Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 18, 2017


From Wikipedia:  "The Eye is a fictional comic book character created by Frank Thomas and published by Centaur Publications.  The character had no origin story, and existed only as a giant, floating, disembodied eye, wreathed in a halo of golden light.  This powerful being was obsessed with the concept of justice, and existed to encourage average people to do what they could to attain it for themselves.  If the obstacles proved too great, The Eye would assist its mortal charges by working miracles.  Time and space meant nothing to The Eye and it existed as a physical embodiment of man's inner consciousness."


Despite what might expect from the above, The Eye was not a product of the mind-altering Sixties.  He (she? it?) first appeared in the December 1939 issue of Keen Detective Funnies and continued for eight issues before moving over to his own short-lived (just two issues) magazine, Detective Eye.

Thomas created a number of golden Age comic book heroes, most of whom faded into obscurity.  Aside from The Eye, his best known character was probably Dell Comics' The Owl.

The Eye may be a footnote in comics history, but I think he (she? it?) is a pretty cool character.

See if you agree.

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