Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Danny Blaze, big city fireman, lasted for two issues from Charlton Comics Group in 1955.  (The numbering was taken over by Nature Boy, which outlasted Danny Blaze by one issue, after which the numbering (now #6 for those who are counting) was taken over by Li'l Rascal Twins.)  The artwork in this issue -- presumably by Manny Stallman -- ranged from average to good, but it was hampered by a lousy job of color registration, judging by the copy reprinted below.  It sjhouyld be noted that this character has no relation to the Danny Blaze who had a stint as Marvel's Ghost Rider in the 1990s.  (Danny was really Danny Ketch who was really Danny Blaze who was really the brother of the 1970s Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze.  Got it, now?)

As a short-lived character, firefighter Danny Blaze never had the chance to evolve into a three dimensional character.  It's enough to say that he is brave, strong, and resourceful...and the few stories in which he appeared are better than many that came from Charlton.


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